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The University Foundation is the meeting place

  • for all academics in Belgium,
  • for academics and members of civil society,
  • for academics in Belgium, foreign academics and members of international organizations.

In elegantly furnished rooms members can meet colleagues and guests. In a pleasant reading room, daily and weekly newspapers, as well as scientific reviews, are available. 

The restaurant serves lunch with a varied menu to members and their guests. 

Our hotel has 12 attractive bedrooms for our Club members. The University Foundation organises numerous scientific, cultural and artisitic events for the Club members.

Below a list is given of the future academic and cultural activities organized by the Club of the University Foundation. For more information on a particular activity the reader is referred to the relevant Dutch or French section of the website.

The Club is at your service : restaurant, meeting rooms, hotel and activities...

For reservations at the restaurant, please contact restaurant@universityfoundation.be.

The sanitary rules in Brussels reguire the COVID SAFE TICKET in the restaurant.

As to the hotel and the meeting rooms, please contact club.fu.us@universityfoundation.be

Stay healthy and hope to see you soon again.Read more



The University Foundation regularly organizes academic activities and cultural activities for its members and other interested parties: lunch debates, evening lectures, visits to art exhibitions, music performances in Bozar, opera in La Monnaie... Most of these activities are organized in French and Dutch, sometimes, but rarely, only in French or only in Dutch. Therefore they are not explicitly mentioned on the English version of the website. The interested reader is refererred to the French and the Dutch versions of the website for further information.Read more


The webinar of Re-Bel about Belgique à quatre/ België met vier — und Ostbelgien ? will be held on Thursday the 25th of November from 12.15 pm to 13.45 pm. Details on the programme, ... are available on the Re-Bel website.

The previous activities of Re-Bel were also organised as a "webinar". Primauté au fédéral? Voorrang voor het federale niveau? was held on Tuesday 8 June 2021 and "Naar een België met zijn vieren? Vers une Belgique à quatre?" took place on  Thursday 22 April 2021. Details on the programmes are published on the Re-Bel website.Read more

As in previous years the University Foundation participated in the activities of the "Heritage Days" of the Brussels-Capital Region. For this year's Heritage Days, the Brussels-Capital Region reached out to all citizens and institutions wishing to share the wealth and cultural diversity of the city’s spectacular heritage. The central theme was "Meeting Points". The premises of the University Foundation could be visited, as well as 140 other locations. For more information visit the website heritagedays.urban.brussels..Read more

It was our intention to orgaize in December 2020 n the annual Ethical Forum a discussion ion exams in higher education, with the challenging title:
Fair exams in a mass university: can technology get us out of trouble?
For a detailed description of the subject and the planned program, please refer to the EF 2020 website.
Unfortunately, in the present situation we are forced to postpone this activity to 2021.
The new date is Thursday 9 December 2021.
However, on Thursday December 3, 2020 from 1 to 2.30 pm, we organised a new type of activity, the "Lunchtime Ethical Forum", a shorter discussion on an ethical-social subject.
The topic of this first edition is "The pandemic-driven digital university: temporary nightmare or seed for better higher education?".
Due to the circumstances, this activity was organized completely online.
For more information, the programme, the ppt-presentations, and the video-recording of the presentations by the invited speakers: click here.

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