Regulations of the Club of the University Foundation

Clause 1:  Can be admitted as a member of the Club, in accordance with the advice of the Bureau of the University Foundation:

As Ordinary members

a) the members of the Board, of the Council and of the Scientific Commissions of the University Foundation, of the Francqui-Foundation, of the Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc. and of the Fernand Lazard Foundation;

b) the members of the academic and scientific staff of the Belgian institutions for universitary education;

c) the members of the Belgian Academies for Sciences, for Literature, for Arts, for Medicine and for Languages, as well as of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences.

As Affiliate members

a) the Diplomats stationed in Belgium;

b) the Ministers in office (of the Federal Government and of the Governments of the Communities and Regions) and the Ministers of State of the Kingdom of Belgium;

c) the members of the Federal Parliament and the Parliaments of the Regions and the Communities;

d) the Higher Officers of the Federal Ministries and of the Ministries of the Communities and the Regions;

e) the Heads and the higher officers of the Scientific Institutions of the Federal State, of the Communities and the Regions;

f) the Commissioners, Directors-General and Directors of the European Union;

g) the Professors and Lecturers of foreign institutions for universitary education;

h) the Directors and Head Curators of the major Belgian and foreign scientific institutions;

i) the members of foreign National Academies;

j) the Secretary-General and the Higher Officers of the “Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen” and of the “Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique”, of the “Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad”, the “Conseil des Recteurs francophones” and the “Conseil Interuniversitaire francophone”;

k) the members of the Councils and of the Direction Committees of the “Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen”, of the “Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique”, of the “Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique Médicale”, of the “IWT”, of the “FRIA”, of the “Cercle des Alumni de la Fondation”, of the “Conseil fédéral de la Recherche Scientifique”, of the Research Policy Councils of the Communities and the Regions, of the “Fondation Administration-Université”, of the “Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad”, of the “Conseil des Recteurs francophones” and of the “Conseil Interuniversitaire francophone”;

l) other personalities admitted by the Bureau.

Alumni of the Belgian American Educational Foundation are accepted as members of the Club of the University Foundation and pay the same annual conbtribution as the ordinary members.

Partners of deceased members are accepted as members in  the same category as the deceased member and pay the same annual contribution, provided
- the deceased member was a member of the Club for at least the latest ten years,
- the partner was the partner of the deceased member during that period.

Clause 2: The Bureau of the University Foundation determines the household regulations of the Club and takes care of their observance.

Clause 3: The ordinary members and the affiliate members have to pay an annual contribution of which the amount is determined by the Bureau of the University Foundation.

Clause 4: The hotel and the drawing rooms of the Club are open each day, included Sundays and holidays, except the yearly closing periods.

The restaurant is, save for exceptions, accessible from 12 - 14.30 o’clock on all workdays.

Solely the members of the Club are entitled to utilize with their guests the rooms of the Club.

Clause 5: It is prohibited to remove magazines, newspapers or books. These can be consulted in the reading room.

Clause 6: Under no circumstances can the drawing rooms of the Club be used for the conferences instead of the conference rooms which the Foundation puts at the disposal of the scientific associations and of the members.

Clause 7: Except for the cloakroom, the Club does not put any other room at its members’ disposal for the storage of their luggage. No animals are permitted in the rooms of the Foundation.

Clause 8: The Club dismisses any responsibility regarding the objects of value left by the members of the Club or other guests in the rooms, in the cloakroom or in their chambers.

Clause 9: The amount due to the Club for the hotel rooms has to be paid on the day of departure.

Clause 10: Any damage to the furniture of the Club will be repaired at the expense of the member who has caused it.

Clause 11: The members are requested to contribute personally to the observance of the disciplinary measures. In case of a serious abuse or breach of the rules members can be excluded.

Clause 12: By decision of the Bureau of the University Foundation conference rooms can be put at the disposal of:

a) members of the Club;

b) organisms in close contact with the Foundation;

c) institutions of higher education and of scientific research;

d) scientific associations;

e) associations of which the scientific value is proven by their publications or activities.

These conference rooms are, in principle, put in service to the development of scientific or academic activities. Any exception to this rule has to be approved by the Bureau.

Clause 13: The persons fully authorized to make use of the halls of the Foundation, have to take care of the rooms and the furniture.

Clause 14: The amount of the contribution in the costs for the use of the conference rooms will be brought to the notice of the associations and institutions involved. This sum will be paid as soon as their request has been granted.

Clause 15: No one invited at a conference will be admitted to the rooms of the Club, unless he fulfils the conditions prescribed by the regulations.

Clause 16: The authorization for the disposition of the rooms of the Foundation can be revoked from the scientific associations and institutions in case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned regulations.

1 February 2017