About the University Foundation

The University Foundation was created in 1920 with the mission to support higher education and scientific research. The form of this support has changed over the years because other bodies have taken over some of the tasks which were carried out by the University Foundation in earlier years, such as the funding of scientific research projects (now FWO and FNRS) or giving scholarships to less fortunate students (nowadays realized by government agencies).

The University Foundation tries to be complementary to these agencies, as can be seen from the initiatives shown in the various parts of this website. The University Foundation is a meeting place for academics from the whole country and for Belgian academics with colleagues from abroad, and also a place where academics meet with civil society representatives (representatives of private companies and public servants). This is realized by the Club, the restaurant and the hotel.

The University Foundation provides financial support to scientific publications where other opportunities are less evident.

The Foundation organizes scientific meetings (Ethical Forum), hosts the scientific events of other organisations (ReBel), and provides facilities for the scientific activities by other organizations.