The University Foundation hosts the activities of the Re-Bel initiative. One of the missions of the University Foundation is to foster contacts and collaboration between all Belgian universities. The Re-Bel initiative will contribute to it, especially through the publication of a series of collective e-books and through the organization of public events.

The Re-Bel initiative aims to rethink in depth, in an open, rigorous, non-partisan way, what the institutions of the Belgian federal state - or of whatever else this part of the world needs to become - can and must look like in the longer term, taking full account of the evolving European context.

This initiative does not aim to produce one programme or manifesto to which everyone involved could subscribe. Its ambition is rather to provide a fertile intellectual environment in which new ideas and promising initiatives of all sorts can germinate and develop, with a concern for their relevance to a thorough reform of Belgium's institutions, but also to the institutional design of other complex polities, most obviously the European Union.


From the start in 2009 the coordinators of the Re-Bel initiative were Paul De Grauwe and Philippe Van Parijs. Since September 2023, Re-Bel is coordinated by Karel Reybrouck, Céline Romainville and Willem Sas.

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